Collaboration in Renewable Energy

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USP is a regional university serving 12 Pacific Island Countries. We run a number of RE courses and have research projects in RE Hybrid systems, Biofuels and PV etc. Capacity building in the application of RETs for CC mitigation is a part of our programme here. A. Raturi

Jan 23 2009

Dear All,

We'll be happy to collaborate with you during the next call for proposals.



Jimma University is Ethiopia's first innovative Community Oriented Education Institution of higher learning. It is a center of academic excellence integrating training, research and service and a leader in addressing societal needs and promoting holistic and sustainable development in the country.
We team members of thermal engineering division are interested in "Establishment of a joint alternate energy promotion and support center" including bio fuels and pv.

There exists a devoted team here in our department who can consistently work towards achieving the objectives. If you feel comfortable with probable modification of your project we can work together.

With regards
Abera Melesse

Hallo, I am ready to work with you. Just finishing my PhD at the Chair of Environmental Architecture of Dortmund University of Technology, Germany. My PhD thesis deals with PV in developing countries but my research interests are much broader, covering the whole range of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energiy Technologies (RETs). Am an engineer by background and at the start of my PhD studies, I had been teaching "Building services" for 14 years at a School of Architecture of a University in Tanzania. You may read more about me at

My main fields of interest are: Photovoltaics (thin film, DSSC), Capacity building in RETs and RET for Small scale CDM.

Dear Dr Raturi,

Details of my interests are as follows:

1. Solarthermal power stations modelling and sustainability assessment.

2. Biofuels (biodiesel and bioethal) potential and sustainability assessment in South Africa comparative studies with other countries. What are your mail focus areas?

Charles Mbohwa

Working on bio-fuels. Possible collaboration in bio-energy, bio-fuel and solarthermal power. Interested in collaboration in these areas.