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Sep 16 2015 Programme Management Unit
GMASSURE is hosting an "omics" workshop in Gauteng (South Africa) next month, attached is a press release about the event.  
Sep 16 2015
Sep 15 2015 Programme Management Unit
AFRHINET will carry out an International Dissemination and Round Table Event in Zimbabwe, on 28th September 2015, whose theme is “Raising awareness on rainwater harvesting technologies for small-scale irrigation: capacity-building, technology transfer and up-scaling”. The specific...
Sep 15 2015
Sep 2 2015 Programme Management Unit
The ACP S&T II funded project GMASSURE-Assuring agricultural and food safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Southern Africa has just published its second newsletter. Further information about the project, please follow the link   and the  project webpage
Sep 2 2015
Aug 31 2015 Programme Management Unit
Ecorys conducted a study for DG Research and Innovation on Renewable Energy and Research & Innovation Capacity of Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with IED and RaL. The objective of this study is to generate the information needed to enable the formulation of a clear answer to the question...
Aug 31 2015
Aug 31 2015 Programme Management Unit
27 July 2015, Addis Ababa: the UN Financing for Development conference outcome resolution contains extensive references to science and technology as key enablers of socio-economic development, including the need for more public investment and international cooperation and collaboration in science....
Aug 31 2015
Aug 28 2015 Programme Management Unit
University of Technology, Jamaica, announces its international conference '“The Hydrogen Economy – A Sustainable Energy Diversification Option for the Caribbean”, which will take place on November 3-4 2015. In August 2012 the University of Technology ,Jamaica (UTech) began...
Aug 28 2015
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