Looking for partners in the area of phytomedicine

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The Phytomedicine Programme is an established Research Niche Area of the National Research Foundation in South Africa. We work on the use of plant extracts or isolated compounds to treat infectious diseases caused by microorganisms or parasites in animal health and production. This entails both ethnoveterinary work and increasing productivity in livestock. Our strong point is in bioassays and isolating compounds and increasing the activity of extracts and developing commercially useful products. We look for partners with complementary skills, that we can use to build a network to share experience and knowledge. The aim is to learn from each other to enable us to build capacity in Africa in this very important field. Kobus Eloff Phytomedicine Prog jan 2009.doc (832 KB)

Fév 5 2009

Dear Prof Eloff, as you know we are interested to be involved as partners in a network on phytomedicine for animal health there are a lot of news from Italy lately.
Kind regards