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Avr 20 2015 Programme Management Unit
CAAST-Net Plus is co-organising a workshop with the Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA) project to take place on 12 May 2015, in Johannesburg. The event is organised as a session forming part of the Research and Innovation for Global Challenges conference, to be held at the...
Avr 20 2015
Avr 7 2015 Programme Management Unit
"The AU adopted the ten-year STISA-2024 following interaction between African policymakers and members of the academic institutions in Africa and in the diaspora. STISA-2024, according to the AU, addresses the critical socio-economic priority areas of eradicating hunger and ensuring food and...
Avr 7 2015
Avr 3 2015 Programme Management Unit
La librairie virtuelle est une collection de documents de l’Unité Aïda du CIRAD mise à disposition  pour partager des savoirs faires et expériences. Vous pouvez parcourir cette librairie par mots clé, auteurs, pays, date ou rechercher des mots dans le r...
Avr 3 2015
Avr 3 2015 Programme Management Unit
With RAIN Foundation, Rain4Food Network and ICRAF-SEARNET, the AFRHINET Consortium are organising an International RainWater Harvesting Symposium which will take place in Ethiopia in June 2015. The Symposium will focus on "Unlocking the potential of Rainwater with adaptive strategies and...
Avr 3 2015
Avr 2 2015 Programme Management Unit
Southern African River Assessment Scheme: establishment of a capacity-building research framework to promote river health and biodiversity in tropical southern Africa (SAFRASS) was funded by the ACP S&T programme and executed between October 2009 and October 2012. The objective of the project...
Avr 2 2015
Avr 1 2015 Programme Management Unit
The ACP S&T II funded project iLINOVA- Strengthening capacity for participatory management of indigenous livestock to foster agricultural innovation in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa has just published its second newsletter. For more information about the project, please visit its project...
Avr 1 2015
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