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Juil 7 2014 Programme Management Unit
Juil 7 2014
Juil 1 2014 Programme Management Unit
The second African Innovation Outlook (AIO) was published as part of the African Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (ASTII), which was set up to address the lack of relevant indicators that are needed to formulate policy. The survey was prepared by the AU's New Partnership for...
Juil 1 2014
Juil 1 2014 Programme Management Unit
The Kwame Nkrumah 2014 Scientific Awards were launched, inviting candidates for both the Regional Award for Women and the Continental Award. The AUC is keen to see higher numbers of quality applicants from all 5 regions of Africa and at continental level. The aim of the Kwame Nkrumah Scientific...
Juil 1 2014
Juin 25 2014 Programme Management Unit
  Higher education is taking a more prominent place in debates over Africa’s future. But efforts to boost advanced university degrees have been fraught with difficulties. How should graduate training change so it better aligns with development needs and employment opportunities?...
Juin 25 2014
Juin 24 2014 Programme Management Unit
Seventy nine member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group and 28 members of the European Union declared their joint support for a strong overarching global framework that seeks to achieve poverty eradication and sustainable development, while also addressing the challenges and...
Juin 24 2014
Juin 5 2014 Programme Management Unit
Les 1er et 2 Avril 2014, le Secrétariat du Groupe des Etats ACP a accueilli, au sein de la Maison ACP à Bruxelles, la première conférence- «Investir dans l'économie de la connaissance dans les pays ACP » -réunissant les parties prenantes...
Juin 5 2014
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