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Sep 2 2014 Programme Management Unit
6-10 July 2014 – the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) held its annual conference in Gaborone. For the 2nd year, the SARIMA conference included a comprehensive workshop on Horizon 2020. For details:
Sep 2 2014
Sep 2 2014 Programme Management Unit
The European Research Council (ERC), part of the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, published its 2015 work programme which provides details of the next calls for proposals. These calls are expected to enable funding of over one thousand research grants with a total budget of €1.665 billion....
Sep 2 2014
Août 28 2014 Programme Management Unit
CTA publication 'Scientific writing for agricultural research scientists: A training resource manual' fully revised in 2012, aims to serve as a guide for agricultural research scientists and other practitioners in writing papers for publication. It also looks to provide a...
Août 28 2014
Août 25 2014 Programme Management Unit
New report on scientific production in Africa just released. Download the full report source and more info on AOSTI website
Août 25 2014
Août 22 2014 Programme Management Unit
La Commission européenne a lancé la première phase d’un nouveau programme qui favorisera le processus d’intégration de l’Afrique au niveau continental. Il s'agit du tout premier programme de l'UE en matière de développement et de...
Août 22 2014
Juil 7 2014 Programme Management Unit
Juil 7 2014
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