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The ACP S&T programme runs a variety of projects around the world – you can browse them by Theme (see menu, left) and will soon be able to browse them geographically.

This website, however, is not just about the Programme and its projects – it is open to everyone interested in improving science & technology in these countries, whether you are involved in the Programme or not.

To begin with, the site's News and Views (see the Home Page) doesn’t limit itself to the Programme – while it will cover news from both the Programme and its projects, we’re interested in covering all relevant activities in this field.

And this, moreover, is not a one-way conversation. All site visitors can comment on these articles.

The benefits of joining

Better still, register to the site first. Not only will you be able to comment on articles more easily, you’ll be able to:

  • contribute your own News and Views. These will appear on the Home Page once they have been moderated by the Programme;
  • create an editable personal profile on the site, which will link automatically to all of your articles and comments;
  • publish Partner Search profiles: as in the old site, but much more powerful - see below.

When you register, finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay in touch (we also have an RSS feed).

More help: see this FAQ

Already involved?

If you are involved in a ACP S&T project, moreover, you'll also be able to submit news about your project and help keep it's description up to date - please see Help for Projects.

Looking for partners?

To find partners for the upcoming Call for Proposals, please visit Partner Search Help.

  • register to the site: make sure you make your profile public, and describe yourself and/or your organisation;
  • click on 'create content' (right-sidebar) and then 'Partner Search' and write a partner search profile for each project idea you have. Each is just like a news article, specifying the relevant theme(s) and region(s).

Your profile and your partner search profile(s) will be moderated and published if they meet this site's Code of Conduct. They will then appear:

  • on your profile
  • under the 'partner search' in the relevant theme, so people interested in launching projects in a particular field will find it
  • in the partner search map (under development),so people interested in launching projects in a particular country will find it
  • on the Home Page, if it is particularly well written and interesting


Finally, if you submitted a Partner Search profile to the old site, you will find it here. We have emailed you (using the email address you provided at the time) with instructions for how to build

More help

For more detailed help, please see our FAQ section, and please do not forget that all site users must follow the Code of Conduct.