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Our profile: Premier R&D organisation in South Africa with experience in EU FP projects. Interest in transport research and development, including passenger transport planning and operations, freight transport planning and operations, ICT and transport and Transport infrastructure research.

Mathetha Mokonyama

Jan 28 2009

Am looking at transporting maize meal to the DRC since the country imports much of it's food. Have letters of intent with some businessmen from the DRC. I have 175 tons of maize already available, have no transport quotes however! Can you help?

Dear Dr. Mathetha Mokonyama,

we know CSIR and we are glad to see your interest in the transport sector. We are partner in a FP7-Space project (Escort, leaded by GraphiTech) and with GraphiTech we are working at a proposal in the sector area. Please contact me on


dr. Stefano P. Disperati, PhD

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We are also interested in transport research and development project, mainly in passenger/public transport systems. We can be your partner in this application and future projects.

We are currently working on sustainable freight transportation systems in South Africa, focussing on road and rail. We can collaborate in that area.