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While a full list of projects is provided below, projects financed by the ACP S&T Programme are currently best browsed by theme, using the menu (left).

Each theme lists both the relevant projects and Partner Search proposals from organisations interested in launching a project under that theme. Themes also provide a thematic interface to the news from these projects.

Also available is a geographic interface to the projects as well as a detailed description of each project.

If you are involved in one of these projects, learn how  to contribute with project news, photographs and more under Help for Projects.

Alphabetical Project List

African Dryland Alliance for Pesticidal-Plant Technologies: A network for optimising and promoting the use of indigenous botanical knowledge for food security and poverty alleviation in Africa
African Weeds of Rice
Agricultural and environmental Benefits from Biochar use in ACP Countries
Améliorer l’interface entre prestataires de soins officiels et traditionnels pour une meilleure prise en charge des pathologies prioritaires et accélérer l’atteinte des OMD Santé en Afrique de l’Ouest
Biodiversity Integration and Rural Development
Bridging Research and Industry Developing Growth and Entrepreneurship
Building human and institutional capacity for enhancing the conservation and use of Neglected and Underutilized Species of crops in West Africa, and Eastern and Southern Africa
Building the capacity of African university graduates to foster change through agricultural innovation
Capacity Building in Core Research-Related Competencies and Networking among Staff of Agricultural Research Institutions in Three Western Pacific countries
Capacity building in South Africa, Namibia and Ghana to create sustainable, non-food bio-oil supply chains
Capacity development for research planning, programming and implementation in agricultural R&D institutions of Western Pacific countries
Capacity Development in Conservation and Utilization of Invaluable Plant Genetic Resources in Western Pacific countries
Caribbean Agrometeorological Initiative
Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum
Caribbean Wide Elaboration of COllaboration ScheMEs
Community based system in HIV treatment
Defragmenting African Resource Management
Developing capacity for participatory and marker assisted plant breeding to mitigate low crop productivity and poor food security
Developing Research Capacity Among African Environmental Scientists
GVal - Sécurité Alimentaire - Renforcer les capacités de Gestion et de Valorisation de la recherche dans le domaine de la Sécurité Alimentaire en Afrique de l'Ouest
Implementation of knowledge and innovation on Jatropha curcas utilization in West African countries
One Health National Networks for Enhanced Research in Infectious Diseases
Policy and support actions for Southern African natural product partnership (POL-SABINA)
Recherche appliquée pour la valorisation et la transformation des ressources naturelles dans un processus de lutte contre la pauvreté au Tchad et Cameroun
Réseau d’analyse des facteurs d’offres vivrières, de marché et de diversification agricole
Réseau S&T Afrique Caraïbe de soutien à la lutte contre les maladies infectieuses
Science and Technology for Enhancing the Contribution of Tropical Root Crops to Development in ACP countries
Shifting from Outreach to Engagement: Transforming Universities' response to current development trends in agricultural research and training in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa
Small Developing Island Renewable Energy Knowledge and Technology Transfer Network
Southern African River Assessment Scheme: establishment of a capacity-building research framework to promote river health and biodiversity in tropical southern Africa
Spearhead network for innovative, clean and safe cement and concrete technologies
Strengthen research development and uptake capacity in Urban, Land and Municipal Management in the Caribbean (NSUS Network for the application of STI to the urban sector)
Strengthening Capacity for Yam Research-for-development in Central and Western Africa
Strengthening the Caribbean scientific community in natural resources management and developing integrated watershed management plans
The Improvement of Research and Innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean for the successful stimulation and dissemination of research results (RIMI4AC)
Transport and Environment - Science Technology (TEST) Network