Looking for partners in the field of high tech promotion towards developing countries

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Sectors of interest: Health Care, Energy, Agriculture, Environment Management We are acting in all above fields + Innovation Management and Business Development R.Tavares Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa

Jan 30 2009

When was the organization established?
15/ January 2006 the organization start as CBO,
And 2010 it as been registered as NGO which
operate Tanzania mainland locally initiated by
professional Tanzanians with difference skills
and experience who work in voluntary bases
and the beneficiaries are rural and
urban poor communities who are ready to
volunteer in social-economic activities in their
area for their own development.
Currently operates in
Mwanza and Mara region around lake victoria
High standard of living where rural and urban
people are access to essential and basic
socio-economic needs and wants

To facilitate Community transformational
development and empowers or promote
sustainable development to the people.
To love others with sympathy words or tongue
but also with actions and truth

1. To enhance gender equality within community
2. To advice the community at all levels to adapt
and be dynamic to the changing cultural
environment leaving unsuitable taboos,
marriages (polygamy), ear punching, etc.
3. Improve public health, including efforts of the
government in the areas of health promotion,
diseases prevention and family planning and increase
understanding and proper treatment of epidemic
and endemic diseases (eg. HIV, TB, Malaria etc)
4 To initiate small business activities for women
as the most voiceless class in community this is
to create a self reliant and well motivated woman in
the family
5 To build community awareness on the threat of global
warming and support for the range of actions to address
the problem; addressing deteriorating natural resources
Mission is rooted in the following standard We work in team (s) to increase productivity,
our mission are based in the following standard When we are assigned responsibility, we take full charge and accountability for the expected end results at a specified time. also All people have a right to participate in decisions process that affect their lives and Gender equity is mandatory for poverty eradication process.

in Tanzania as other developing country power is a problem especially in rural areas so we are implimentig solar panel project to different dispensary located in rural areas to help for pregnant women who came to bear child during night and also for medicine storage for children hence we are asking if we can work with your organization as partner

thanks and we are waiting for your response

Boniface Andrea (cvds) director

I am a Ghanaian in West Africa with agriculture research. I am interested in your agriculture and environment component. I hope to hear from you

Je suis titulaire d'un Master in Wildlife Management spécialisé en élevage et domestication de la faune sauvage. Je suis à la disposition de l'Institut National de Recherche Agronomique du Niger INRAN. Je suis intéressé à la section Environment Management. J'espère avoir trop de vos nouvelles.

I just read your post and I'm very interested. I am the deputy head of a farm in Benin. Currently our community is not electrified and we use generators. With the high cost of gas oil at home and repeated failures of generators production is not at the desired level. That is why we are seeking an alternative to solve this problem which hinders the development of our farm. It is a strong modern intensive production of African catfish. As we found in Europe and Asia, is a closed system of recirculating water so it requires energy 24h/24h. Our need is about 35 KVA. We have the three-phase motors and single phase motors.
The life of this society depends and I count on your help to save this innovative initiative which should contribute to the fight against poverty.
In the hope that our message finds your attention, kindly receive our sincere greetings.

Dear all, I wish to provide personalized answer to your queries. Kindly send your e-mail contact. Mine is the following: r.tavares@sssup.it

I am looking forward to your response.

I am a 55 years old Sudanese, with a PhD degree in agricultural economics from Humboldt University of Berlin. I am currently working as an associate professor at the university of Gezira. I speak, read and write Arabic, English and German. I have a broad experience in research in the field of agric. economics. I have the ability to comunicate and cooperate with people from different cultures.

I am Safia Taleb, professor and Deputy of research in laboratory of Materials and Catalysis, in University at city of Sidi Bel Abbès (Algeria). My field of research is treatment of agricultural pollution in water and in soil. Are you interested by researchers partners of South as Algeria?
Best regards
Safia Taleb

We are interested in this partnership to build and strengthen the capacity of our plant molecular biology and bitechnology labratory to standardize its facilities and staff capacity bulding for effective postgraduate study program.

Haramaya University
College of Agriculture
Department of Plant Sciences
P.O.Box 275