How do I register, create and edit my Profile?

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To register to this site and create a user profile, click on Join in the top left hand corner (it disappears once you've logged on).

This form is composed of two parts:

  • Your account is nothing more than a username and an email address. Both are mandatory.
  • Your profile contains a few fields which will be used for your public profile. Only first name is mandatory. Only select a project if you are actually involved in an ongoing ACP S&T project. You can select more than one by holding down the CTRL key.

After you submit the form, the site will email you while your account is checked by the Programme Management Unit (PMU). This is when they will confirm if you are involved in an ACP S&T project, if you have nominated one.

Once they have approved your account, you will receive another email providing you with a link. This can only be used once - follow the instructions and set your password.

After that, whenever you are logged on to the site, a User Menu will appear on the site's right hand side. Click on 'My Account' to edit your account and profile:

  • change your password or email address whenever you like through the 'Account' tab;
  • edit your profile through the 'Profile' tab. Note that it will not be Public unless you tick the 'Make my profile public' box at the top;
  • subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on 'My newsletters' and ticking the box

You can log out in the top right hand corner of the screen.

More details: see FAQ: What is an Account, and what is a Personal Profile?