Help for Projects

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This section is devoted to organisations and individuals involved or willing to be involved in ACP S&T projects.

Documents needed for managing and reporting on your project

CALL 2012

General information documents:

When reporting on your project, you will need the following templates:

CALL 2008

General information documents:



All the annexes here mentioned are the annexes to the Grant Contract.

More help can be found in the specific 'Help for projects category in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Managing your project’s website content

If you are involved in an ACP S&T project, please register to the site , noting the name of the project(s) in the registration form

After confirming your involvement in the project(s), the Programme Management Unit will make you a Project Member for that project.

Project members can edit the project description and submit project news, as well as contribute with more general News and Views articles to this site's Home Page. Note that all such updates and news will first be checked by the Programme Management Unit before being published.

More help can be found in the 'Help for projects' category within the Frequently Asked Questions.

How to apply

The second Call for Proposals of the ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Science and Technology II (S&T II) was launched on 08/10/2012 and closed on 07/02/2013. This Call builds upon the lessons learnt  from the first Call for Proposals launched in 2008.

The global objectives of this Call for Proposals are:

  • To address the scientific and technological divide between ACP member states and the most industrialised countries.
  • To strengthen Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in ACP countries to enable creation, update and use of scientific knowledge.
  • To enhance the use of STI as a key enabler for poverty reduction, growth and socio-economic development.

In line with the ACP Group of States' priorities and the EU Agenda for Change, the Programme prioritises Actions in the fields of Energy Access and Efficiency as well as Agriculture and Food Security. However, other sectors and/or interdisciplinary approaches are not excluded as long as the foreseen actions and activities are in line with the objectives of the Programme.


The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 20 800 000.

This call for proposals is divided into 2 Lots, one for each of the below-mentioned funding sources. Each lot has identical objectives, results and activities but different eligibility criteria towards participating countries.

LOT 1 – EDF – concerns the EUR 17 800 000 EDF contribution

LOT 2 – DCI – concerns the EUR 3 000 000 EU South Africa DCI contribution

For information purposes, here are the Call documents:


The 2008 Call for Proposals was closed in 13 March 2009. For information purposes only the Call documents were:


In addition, the Project Cycle Management Guidelines of the EC are a useful tool in order to help design new projects, and to provide guidance in the management and implementation of an action.


Are you looking for partners to realise your project idea? You can use our Partner Search Tool to post your request on this website.

More help can be found in the 'Help for projects' category within the Frequently Asked Questions.