ACP-Wide Elaboration of Collaboration schemes (ACP-WELCOME)

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The development of a stronger integration of the ACP countries into the European science and technology (S&T) framework is the overall goal that has driven the partner to this proposal. To reach this goal ACP-WELCOME will focus on 1. Better identifying and demonstrating mutual interest and benefit in scientific and technological cooperation between the EU and the ACP countries 2. Sharing best practices via joint fora such as workshops and presenting the state of the art and the prospects for cooperation in the following four scientific fields: public health, environmental research activities, renewable sources of energy, transport. To reach these objectives the projects purpose is to a) Develop an international network of centers for European scientific cooperation in ACP country technical universities, b) Develop an information platform, e.g. to disseminate results and to assist the forming of research partnerships, c) Sensitise and enhance incentives for participation in FP7, d) Transfer knowledge in order to improve project management quality. Who we are: European Project Center The Technische Universitaet Dresden (TUD), Germany, has extensive experience in project coordination and project management at national and international level. During the period 2003 to 2007 scientific staff of TUD participated in over 18.000 contracted projects with a total grant volume of more than 540 Million Euro. TUD participated in about 2200 third-party funded projects in 2007, for which it was mainly project coordinator. To support international project management, the European Project Center (EPC) has been established at TUD. The EPC is currently coordinating and managing more than 160 projects with a total project volume of 39 Million Euro granted by the European Commission. For example, the EPC is currently supporting the coordinating professors in the FP7 projects PhenOxiGEn, DIAPREPP, and MIMAX. The EPC coordinates the development of this proposal and will lead on financial, legal and administrative aspects during the implementation of the ACP-WELCOME project. We are looking for partners from ACP and EU countries who are willing to participate in this project. lars.henning [at] Technische Universitaet Dresden

Jan 13 2009

I am interested in renewable energy, environmental impacts of renewable energy and transport sustainability.

Dear Sir,

We have contacted on this project from Ethiopia to work on "Exploring the possibility of producing Cellulosic ethanol from sesame straw" for more information we will soon contact you.

Awet Estifanos