General technologies



General technologies

This theme is of a cross-cutting nature, containing activities focusing on knowledge transfer and general capacity building in the field of science and technology.

Bridging Research and Industry Developing Growth and Entrepreneurship

The economic systems in the Dominican Republic and Haiti suffer from the absence of collaboration between knowledge producers (academia) and knowledge users (industry), which has a negative effect on the innovation and competitiveness of firms and ultimately affects the sustainable growth of both countries. One of the consequences is the resulting brain drain of talented researchers and entrepreneurs. Among the main reasons for this situation are:

  • Lack of interest from local universities to support a domestic industrial system where, currently, the strategic research and development (R&D) headquarters of more innovative companies are located abroad;
  • Poor capability of regional small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to recognise the crucial importance of innovation for the sustainability of their businesses; and
  •  A scientific and technological (S&T) policy which is focused almost exclusively on the support of research activities with little effort put into the transfer of research results to industry (into new products/services or improvements in existing ones).

The Improvement of Research and Innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean for the successful stimulation and dissemination of research results (RIMI4AC)

The existing lack of capacity for the effective management of research and innovation activities at universities in developing regions is severely limiting the quality of research outputs and support for research excellence in these regions. It furthermore severely limits the effective and much needed dissemination of local research outputs to policy makers with the view of translating these into evidence-based national and regional policies.

Spearhead network for innovative, clean and safe cement and concrete technologies

Construction materials research is neglected in most African countries. Building materials are often used without due consideration as to their suitability due to a lack of knowledge or economic constraints. Concrete, the most common material, carries high health and environmental risks due to the composition of its raw materials. Improper design and handling further increase the risk to human life. Inappropriate concrete and cement processing techniques also result in excessive levels of energy being expended. 

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