Southern Africa

Water resources - cleaning technologies and supply systems for fresh water

We are looking for additional partners in South Africa to submit a proposal in the S&T call II. The idea is to develop strategies for new fresh water supply systems to improve the availability of clean water to people in rural areas. This includes awareness measures as well as the evaluation of new cleaning technologies for decentralized energy self-sufficient conditioning of well water.
The consortium contains up to now South African enterprises and research organisations.

Développement durable et développement économique et social : Faire de la recherche l'action

Pour l'essentiel cela correspond aussi à ce que l'on sait être une bonne approche de l'économie, une bonne façon de lutter contre la corruption et une bonne manière d'assurer un développement solidaire et durable.

I need horticulture partner

I have a land which is about 100Ha in botswana. Botswana is in southern africa. I want any one who can help me to run the horticulture project. The project can be successful looking at the market. I have degree in environmental science and I'm currently working in this field.

Jul 23 2010

Lecturer in Food Science

I am a researcher in sweetpotato starch within the University of Malawi and currently looking for partners to explore cheap ways of developing or modify starches that can perform particular functionalities in food. Madalitso Tsakama

Mar 11 2009

Waste Management Officer

I am working on a tree planting project for Swaziland. The plan is to plant trees in the drought stricken areas of Swaziland and fight climate change by planting indiginous trees, starting with eroded areas to areas of potential erosion. It has been predicted that some species will become extinct while others will migrate as climate conditions change. We want to plant trees strategically by predicting the shifts as trees respond to favourable conditions. We want to keep the biodiversity of Swaziland without permanently losing species of indiginous and cultural heritage.

Mar 10 2009

Cooperation in Solid Waste and Resource Management

The Institute for Water Quality, Resource and Waste Management of Vienna University of Technology (Austria) offers its collaboration in a research project under the ACP Science and Technology Programme. Our fields of interest and expertise in research and teaching are the following: Solid waste and resource management; Waste sampling and analysis; Assessing and investigation of waste management systems; Waste disposal and recycling; Additional experience in project management of EC-funded research projects. If interested, please contact Mr. Jakob Lederer (

Feb 23 2009

Agriculture Consultant

We are looking for a Partner in any Agriculture Capacity Building project. Our Company is called Impact Research International and we are based in South Africa.

Feb 23 2009

Remote sensing / renewable energies

I am interested in remote sensing of water qualities (chemical species monitoring) and manufacturing such devices, also interested in renewable energies. Based in Cape Town with other potential partners in Southern Africa. Franz-Josef Kahlen

Feb 16 2009

Partner sought for developing single chain antibodies

We would like to submit a proposal for the ACP programme. We wish to develop nanobodies. Interested parties are asked to email Prof T. Pillay

Jan 30 2009
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