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Développement durable et développement économique et social : Faire de la recherche l'action

Pour l'essentiel cela correspond aussi à ce que l'on sait être une bonne approche de l'économie, une bonne façon de lutter contre la corruption et une bonne manière d'assurer un développement solidaire et durable.

Cooperation in Solid Waste and Resource Management

The Institute for Water Quality, Resource and Waste Management of Vienna University of Technology (Austria) offers its collaboration in a research project under the ACP Science and Technology Programme. Our fields of interest and expertise in research and teaching are the following: Solid waste and resource management; Waste sampling and analysis; Assessing and investigation of waste management systems; Waste disposal and recycling; Additional experience in project management of EC-funded research projects. If interested, please contact Mr. Jakob Lederer (j.lederer@iwa.tuwien.ac.at).

Feb 23 2009

Coconut processing

With regard to coconut processing an integrated processing plant has been set up in the Philippines to process the whole coconut. From the coconut many products can be derived, from bio-fuel to cattle/fish feed and health products. We are looking for partners to cooperate with our Dutch and Philippine partners in order to develop a highly advanced coconut processing industry in Africa. John Limmen http://www.rainbowagro.nl

Feb 16 2009

Partner sought for transfer of agricultural technology with a focus on maize

The SB MATHUR FOUNDATION is an independent organization involved in helping population with limited resources to use the benefits of science and technology to improve their working and living conditions. We are interested in finding a partner for our project which aims to achieve the transfer of agricultural technology with reference to maize production in the West highlands of Cameroon. EDWIGE FLORE

Feb 3 2009

Coordinator "Ingénieurs Sans Frontières" Cameroun

We will like to find two EU and ACP partner for a project on "Climate Change: Economic and social dimensions" which purpose is to stakes environmental services of the forests regarding the process of reduction of effects due to deforestation and land degradation, link to economic advantage of local communities as well as the international community (Drop in global warming). NGO-SAMNICK Emilienne http://www-isf.asso-web.com/

Jan 28 2009
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